Coffee Leaf Rust Threatens Hawaii Coffee

In 2020 the pest Coffee Leaf Rust (CLR) was discovered first on Maui, then on Hawaii Island, and then on Oahu. This i...

Vaccinated in Hawaii – Hooray!

On January 27 at 3:00 pm, I arrived at Kaiser-Permanente’s Kona Clinic for a scheduled Dose #1 of the COVID vaccine. ...

Thanksgiving Day Flood at Rancho Aloha

On Thanksgiving Day at about 3:30 pm as Zoom Thanksgiving toasts were being exchanged, it began to rain in Holualoa. ...

Farm Recipe: Affogato

An Italian coffee-based dessert, the affogato is the simplest of recipes yet incredibly delicious!

Distancing in Paradise

As elsewhere, life in Hawaii since mid-March has been very different...

Hawaii Sharwil Avocados in Seattle

Hawaii Sharwil, aka the "world's best avocado", now available at select Seattle area grocers!

Rancho Aloha Coffee Flower Honey

Honey is again being harvested at Rancho Aloha. About 3 years ago the farm’s honeybee hives were wiped out by a recen...

Sharwil Avocado Update

A new packing operation in Kona has shipped more than 70,000 lbs of Sharwil avocados to the mainland this year.

Rancho Aloha’s Chilled Hawaii Sharwil Avocado Soup

For a wonderful addition to a summer dinner menu, we pass along this recipe for Rancho Aloha’s “Chilled Hawaii Sharwil Avocado Soup.”

Volcano Update

Madam Pele, the Hawaiian Volcano Goddess, continues to be restless and is sending lava down the slopes into the ocean...

‘10% Kona Blends’ are NOT Kona Coffee

Rancho Aloha customers do not need this warning about ‘10% Kona Blends’. But we encourage you, nonetheless, to take a...

Live Long and Drink Coffee

For years many viewed coffee drinking as an unhealthy addiction. Children were warned that drinking coffee – or consu...
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