Rancho Aloha

Long ago in the green mountains of Colombia a young Peace Corps volunteer dreamed of owning a coffee farm one day.

Rancho Aloha is the result of that dream, and its name honors both the Latin American inspiration of our farm and its magical Hawaiian location.

High above the Kona coastline, abundant rainfall, rich volcanic soils and a natural afternoon cloud cover produce a rich and mellow bean. The harvest is picked by hand and dried in the sun.

Our family is proud to offer you premium coffee from the slopes of the Hualālai volcano.

Kona Coffee

Quality and Rarity. These are the words used to describe the famous coffee of Kona. Kona and Jamaica Blue Mountain are regarded as the world’s premier specialty coffees. In the same way that Napa and Sonoma wines have garnered a strong reputation, 100% Kona coffee is world-famous for its rich, mellow flavor.

The Kona Coffee Belt runs for approximately 30 miles at an elevation of 800 to 3,000 feet above the famous Kona Coast on the Big Island of Hawaii. Rich volcanic soil, gentle breezes, plenty of sunshine, tropical showers, a natural afternoon cloud cover — all combine to create perfect growing conditions.

The supply of 100% Kona coffee is limited, and demand is high. Most farms are small, with an emphasis on quality over quantity. The ripe red cherries are picked entirely by hand and dried in the Kona sunshine. Such loving care results in a coffee of superior quality.

The taste of mass-produced coffee cannot compare with the aroma and flavor of 100% Kona. It’s like the difference between an apple just plucked from the tree and a supermarket fruit which has spent months in cold storage.

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