The Best Video on Why NOT to Buy 10% Blends

The Kona Coffee Farmers Association produced and released a video entitled “100% Kona Coffee” in 2008. The 4-minute presentation offers scenic views of the Kona coastline and of several coffee farms — including a brief scene shot at Rancho Aloha (here at minute 1:06). 

This video describes the heritage and world-renowned qualities of 100% Kona Coffee. But importantly, even after 13 years, it still provides the most compelling explanation on the web as to why coffee appreciators should not purchase 10% Kona blends.

See the video in it's entirety on YouTube at the link below (note that you may have to first view/skip a brief ad to get to the video)

100% Kona Coffee - YouTube

The video posted by a Mainland appreciator of Kona coffee and today has more than 26,000 views. If you have viewed this in the past, now is a good time to revisit; if you have not seen it, now is a great to see it for the first time.

And please share this link with coffee appreciating friends and in doing so help Kona’s coffee farmers broaden the reach of the message to many more coffee drinkers around the world. The heart of the message is: “10% Kona Blends are not Kona coffee".

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