Hawaii Sharwil Avocados in Seattle

Hawaii Sharwil avocados, commonly known on the Big Island as the “world’s best avocado”, are now available in Seattle. We’ve written before about Sharwil shipments to the mainland, and are now happy to share a list of Seattle-area retail outlets where you can buy them:

Under USDA protocols, Hawaii Sharwils can only be shipped to northern tier states between November 1 and March 31. Through January 1 or this year, the principal packer for shipment to the Mainland, Kane Plantations, reports that 47,000 pounds of Hawaii Sharwils have been gone to Mainland markets, mostly in the Seattle area. Rancho Aloha is proud to be one of the Big Island farms supplying these avocados to Kane Plantations.

Please give Hawaii Sharwil avocados a try — similar to the Hass variety, but with higher oil content and a richer, creamier taste.

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