Last Package of 2022 Coffee Headed to Aberdeen, WA

As explained in our December blog post, the 2022 coffee harvest in the Kona Region was significantly reduced compared to previous years. This was mainly due to the recent introduction of a damaging fungus called Coffee Leaf Rust (CLR) in Hawaii. Most Kona farms experienced a decline in harvest between 50 to 90%, and Rancho Aloha's 2022 crop was down by 80% from the average production in the last 18 years.

As a consequence of the short crop, the last package of the year, a half-pound of Rancho Aloha's Prize-Winning Medium Roast, was sold at the Rancho Aloha booth at the Keauhou Farmers Market on Saturday, April 22.

The delighted buyers, Gerald and Sharon Peterson, were taking their package of 100% Organic Kona Coffee back to enjoy at home in Aberdeen, Washington.

All Kona coffee farmers are optimistic that the 2023 crop will return to more normal levels and hope that the Petersons and all other loyal Kona Coffee enthusiasts will relish the fruits of an abundant harvest.

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