Trader Joe’s Features 100% Kona Coffee

On the Big Island of Hawaii we do not have a Trader Joe’s. So we have a favor to ask from those of you on the Mainland who shop at Trader Joe’s:

Please pass along to the people at the Trader Joe’s our mahalo and thanks from Rancho Aloha and other Kona coffee farms for featuring genuine 100% Kona 

100% Kona Coffee now available at Trader Joe's

In 2012 the Kona Coffee Farmers Association awarded the California-based gourmet grocery company an ‘Honorary Membership’ for offering Trader Joe’s Kona Coffee Shortbread Cookies –-a delicious dessert treat in which the coffee flavoring ingredient is 100% Kona coffee.

Last fall, the company introduced a new specialty dessert item with 100% Kona coffee as a flavoring ingredient: ‘Trader Joe’s Chocolate Kona Coffee Truffles’. Everyone here in Kona is delighted by the description on the package:

The Kona District of the Big Island of Hawaii is well known for its coffee, grown exclusively along the slopes of two volcanoes and is among the world’s most sought-after premium specialty coffees. Our Trader Joe’s Chocolate Kona Coffee Truffles bring a bit of that Big Island experience to you by combining the exquisite taste of Kona Coffee and rich chocolate for a divine, one-of-a-kind, melt-in-your-mouth confection.

We also appreciate that only 100% Kona ground and whole bean coffee — and not 10% Kona blends — are offered to specialty coffee appreciators for purchase at Trader Joe’s stores.

Mahalo Trader Joe’s!

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